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Welcome to New Arch Studio or as we prefer to call ourselves NAS. If you are looking for an interior design services in India who can take your project off your hands to enhance your own creative aspirations of an outcome, then, we are just the company for you.

We recreate your vision of beauty

If you have a vision of beauty, NAS can help you create it. We abide by the most superior standards of interior design focusing not just on aesthetic design; we breathe life into the vision of your ideal home, or office. New Arch Studio is backed by a creative team who understands the biggest element of interior design and that is personality. We believe that the utmost satisfaction of every client can only be achieved with a home that is a reflection of a home owner’s personality. Every corner or space needs to be in perfect harmony and sync with the mood of a family, only then can a client be truly satisfied when their home becomes an extension of their own persona.

Your one stop shop for all your interior design needs

NAS is your one stop shop where you can avail of a single window of communication and acquisition for every aspect of the interior design process. From Architectural consultancy, to turnkey projects, we provide you comprehensive and affordable solutions to interior design, renovation and architectural services. We guarantee you a classic and sophisticated feel to your home that will be a creative standout from the rest.

At NAS we complement our vision reflected in the motto “Everything we Build, Ends Up Building Us”. We know how to analyze the dynamics of the market to become of the leading specialists of interiors theme development in India. Our team of creative professionals will have your eyes rolling with our ideas that are beyond par of our competition. We can guarantee customized themes that will churn your dreams into reality. Through accuracy, attention to detail and meticulous planning we produce world standard interior themes that you would never expect thus conforming to the tagline of “Designing Dreams for Tomorrow’s Heritage”

We do not set limits to our creativity

At NAS, we don’t put limits and boundaries to our creativity. We love to go that extra mile which may help us produce themes and designs that surpass our own expectations. We match your passion when it comes to designing and decorating your home in equal measure which is why we are always one step ahead.

We work with a perfect sense of direction and organization starting from concept analysis, detailed drawings and planning right through to implementation and finished product. We employ and hire only the best contractors and vendors who excel in their field to produce works of art. From residential interior design to commercial and corporate interior design, we handle all aspects of the interior design industry.

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NAS accepts every area of work in the interior design requirements that may include renovation, furniture layout, furnishing, artworks, curios procurement, ceiling design, electrical, woodwork, flooring, wallwork, and corporate office design to name a few. We provide you a seamless process by adopting a personalized approach to create a fully functional and productive home or office that reflects perfectly the theme of a client’s desire.

We always push ourselves towards the extra mile

NAS truly believes in going the extra mile for its clientele that they would fall in love at first
sight with their personally designed spaces for the rest of their lives.

NAS is a fast growing organization with a solid foundation of good quality & service, providing its clients the best value for money for the trust, they have invested. It provides effective design methodology and single point accountability for any house or business related project. Furthermore, we offer matchless flexibility and project clarity with certainty which is why our clients exhibit complete long lasting loyalty and have complete faith in us.

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