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New Arch Studio or NAS is the brainchild of Neha Chopra, a gifted and enterprising architect and interior designer. As a rapidly growing organization, NAS believes in providing every client value for money. It works according to the desires and dreams of its clients and is powered by a driving force that is its founder who seeks to empower women in the field of architecture and design.

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world

Neha Chopra is like a breath of fresh air prevailing on the interior design industry. Her bold sense of vision and convincing fusion of hard work is a bond that cements her creative style and is a true reflection of her passionate zest for interior designing and architecture. In her own words as she puts it

“When women are responsible for making a house a home then why can’t they structure the brick and mortar into a building. They are intelligent, calculative and creative and these qualities are the requisites for attaining new heights”.

Neha Chopra has been involved with Interior Design from an early age

Neha Chopra is from Agra, the city of the Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Having begun her exciting journey into the world of interior designing at the spritely age of 14 when she designed and decorated her own room, Neha went on to acquire a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Designing and a second degree in Architecture. She has been inspired and influenced by the renowned and late Dame Zaha Mohammad Hadid, a British-Iraqi architect.

She has worked for several big brands with successful projects to her credit

Neha Chopra, armed with a dual qualification, soon pursued her passionate dream of being an established interior designer. With more than seven years of professional experience tucked beneath her belt, she has successfully completed projects for high end brands such as KidZania, LSC Infrastructure LTD, Radico Khaitan Pvt Ltd, A Class Marble, GlamOGlitZ Inc, The Hindustan Advertising, and so many more. New Arch Studio is the baby and brainchild of Neha Chopra and as a successful startup is mow crating waves as one of the fastest growing interior designing and architectural firms in India. NAS firmly believes in its caption that rightly defines its USP and that is “Designing Dreamz for Tomorrows Heritage.”

Empowering women for a better tomorrow

As women are rightly said to be a power of substance; Neha believes firmly in her organization NAS which employs 66% women. It seeks to empower women with their visionary goals in interior design and architecture giving them equal opportunities to display their own creative prowess in the world of interior design. As Neha puts it “Action should be given importance in life and not fate because the action is in our control, but fate is not”.

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