Live big in a small size bedroom.

July 27, 2020

A shoebox bedroom can be an inviting, multi-functional and utterly chic but homey space, all at the same time. With the right storage hacks, clever decor staples and a smart colour palette, this small space can serve you well and seem larger than it actually is. We tell you how.

Reduce clutter : 

The foremost thing to keep in mind is to bring down the clutter. Discard things that no longer serve any purpose and always remember to keep your clothes folded, your shoes kept away and your accessories neatly arranged in shelves and cupboards. The messier a room, the more cramped and small it looks.

Maximise storage :

In a small bedroom, use the walls for storage. Consider installIng floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall fitted units (the same colour as the walls) to store photographs, accessories, books and personal items. Also, retractable desks that can be used for work and meals and folded back when not in use can be great space savers.

Consider multifunctional or hidden furniture :

Alternatively, you could hide the bed. See how in this room, a large cabinet conceals a pull-down bed, so that by day the room can serve as a study before morphing into a bedroom again at night. 

Use a mirror :

Floor-to-ceiling or wall-to-wall mirrors – or even just a large one on the wall – can create an illusion of extended or dual space while also serving as pretty decor staples. Also, you have a ready mirror at all times to look at yourself!

Let in natural light :

Ample sunlight can make a room feel bright, large, airy and energetic. See how, in this room, the bed is placed next to a window that fills the room with natural light while also creating an indoor-outdoor connection.

Have an all-white scheme :

White reflects maximum light, making any space look bright and welcoming. Even the tiniest, most claustrophobia-inducing rooms will seem more spacious with white walls, linen and ceiling.

Create a visual impact :

In a micro space, a generously sized decorative piece can be the perfect distraction in making the room’s size seem unimportant. Look at the large chandelier and the vibrant picture next to the bed – the eye has so much to look at that it barely registers the small dimensions of the room.

July 27, 2020

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