Tips on Choosing and adding The Right Color to Your Home Interior

April 10, 2019

When people choose colors for their homes, they usually tend to play it safe. Choosing your wall colors, the shades that create an atmosphere in your home, and which you have to live in day and night are perhaps more important than you think. But, people tend to downplay this aspect choosing maybe that common and correct shade of white instead of cream or vanilla. Choosing the right color for your home is a very underrated aspect of home decoration where people tend to choose just like Goldilocks, what’s right. It is important to find the correct balance when choosing color for a nice touch of brightness to our spaces to make them look cool, vibrant and in tune with your own personality. Here’s how.

  1. Find your happy place

    Colors are meant to make you happy. There are also colors that make people sad depending on how colors affect a person’s psyche. Thus, it is important for you to identify shades that make you happy. So find out what’s your favorite color? In fact, apart from bright garish colors (smaller accents of overtly bright colors could be the perfect shade for your home too), you should identify colors that have a soothing effect on you. If you are one who loves the concept of a beach house, then a soothing cream and blue shade would be perfect for you. If you like colonial styles, then dark shades in the public areas of your home would be ideal when combined with muted neutral shades in private rooms.

  2. Consider adding a hint of unexpected shades

    When you have chosen a shade that appeals and reflects your personality, try doing something unexpected with colors in a subtle way just enough to surprise people when they walk into your home and who may expect the house to feature the same color throughout. Add accents of shades that stand out although not that much maybe around windows or a highlighted wall in the living room or around a bright console.

  3. Don’t repeat certain things

    While some things are not repeating, if certain colors make you happier and make your day pleasant just by being in them, then you could try incorporating it into the furnishing of your home like upholstery or curtains. These could be patterns like chevron, stripes or even checks that accentuate the main theme or patterns of the objects.

  4. You need a theme

    Every home needs a theme to make it look interesting. A theme also reflects your personality. For example, your bedroom can feature soothing shades of white or blue. You can select avian themes or you could even choose subtle shades of pink. Did you know, that the colors of your room can even influence your mood? According to color psychology, blue is a universally calming shade that can induce relaxation while pink is the color of comfort and love in relationships. Green is the color of happiness and also has a calming effect.

  5. Standalone art and décor

    If you have a choice between curios, color or art, then always choose art. You don’t need something to really stand out or set it apart. Just hang it above a dresser, or let it rest on a console or even hang low on the wall. Art always spruces up a room and lends a sophisticated touch.

April 10, 2019

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