Why You Need Integrated Turnkey Solutions for Your Interior Design Project

April 10, 2019

Interior design and décor are all about making a statement of a home. Irrespective of a commercial or domestic property, interior design is more about one’s personal identity than aesthetics. It is all about reflecting personal style. That being said, designing or remodeling a home or commercial property can get chaotic. It involves so many different contractors and service providers like carpenters, electricians, glass vendors, mechanics, AC vent technicians, and so on.

Coordinating between several services can spiral out of control

You need to find the right service that can understand your needs specifically and execute it to the letter. Bringing all these services together and coordinating between all of them is a hectic task that can spiral out of control. Moreover, certain contractors just cannot start the task if the other does not finish. Then there is a risk of conflict of opinions where design is concerned. Conflict in such a scenario can adversely impact the result and you don’t want your home to suffer the result of this chaotic scenario which may also see you spending more than you should.

This is where integrated turnkey solution plays a major role in establishing a single point of contact in the field of interior design. This also reduces the need to deal with multiple services and suppliers. Turnkey includes an end to end procedure within an interior design project and provides all the necessary services that are required to design, build or remodel an interior space. An old space or a bare one is turned into a fully functional visually pleasing commercial property, office or residence and handed over to the client.

What turnkey solutions include

There are many elements of turnkey project services. They could include a part if or even the entire process of interior design or remodeling a free space or existing space. Turnkey project services can include:

  • Interior furnishing
  • Modular furniture
  • HVAC electrical services
  • Networking
  • BMS services
  • Carpentry
  • Plumbing
  • Furniture and fitting
  • Painting and masonry
  • Carpeting and flooring
  • Sourcing of materials
  • Hiring and coordination of vendors

The advantage of turnkey project services is a single window of sourcing, control, and management during the period of a project. However, when it concerns providing such services, the most essential requirement is a professional team who possesses the technical, artistic and creative expertise in fields of engineering, architecture, business development, management, purchasing and interior design. The success of the turnkey project largely depends on these factors namely the experience and committeemen of such professionals.

An established interior design company providing turnkey project services will also have a solid network of plumbers, carpenters, masons, painters, experienced laborers, welders, furnishers, fabricators and electricians. If the company also has an in-house facility for furniture manufacturing, then that is an added advantage that saves a lot of money and time.

The main advantages of Turnkey project solutions

  • One stop solution

    the biggest advantage is gained by your interiors from sourcing of raw materials, planning, blueprint and design to coordination between contractors, implementation, and expertise. There are no hassles of separate payments involved either.

  • On time delivery

    With turnkey project services, there is no question of overshooting the deadline because of the systematic procedure, organization, and planning. All approvals are initiated in the beginning so that every contractor knows their job.

  • Maintains a budget

    In turnkey projects, the budget for services and execution or materials is finalized beforehand and as such, there are fewer chances of a budget going beyond what was discussed unless a client desires some changes.

  • Understanding of design

    because of the single window of organization and contact turnkey project service providers are able to understand your requirements better and convey it to the lower hierarchy of services. It is important that commercial spaces are agronomical, functional and comfortable for the smooth execution of business while residential spaces should express one’s lifestyle and personality.

This is why In India. The trend of turnkey project services is catching on because of its cost effective and hassle-free approach to interior design that also produces better results.

April 10, 2019

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