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Constructing a house is not an easy job. It is a complicated affair especially when it needs to be built in large cities. In such locations, there are several factors that need to be addressed during the construction and architectural processes such as time limit, permissions, contractors, vendors and the like. It is much more suitable to hire a good architect or an interior design company offering architecture consultancy to ensure a hassle-free and efficient well-organized job.

There is a difference between Architectural services and Interior design services but when you hire a company like New Arch Studio, you get a complete package with architectural consultancy services that include professional architects that will create the best living space for you.

What is the role of the architect?

The role of an architect is to create a blueprint of a construction such as a residential house or commercial building. It involves planning and conception of designs that create functional and comfortable living space with hassle-free execution of the construction project. It doesn’t matter if you require a new construction or remodelling your existing home, it pays to hire an interior design service or architectural services and architectural consultancy that will provide you with the professionalism of the job and the vast benefits in the process.

New Arch Studio in providing architectural consultancy services ensures the most skilled and experienced architects who will provide you with the best interior and exterior designs through careful analysis of a client’s personality and taste, the available land and a practical plan within an affordable budget. A plan will be conceptualized through a prior consultation session taking into account any client input for personal preference of designs. The exterior landscape and elevation viability is also discussed to imitate the first phase of the building or remodelling process.

The advantage of architectural consultancy

At New Arch Studio, we are equipped with the latest technology and modelling software to provide you in-depth imagery and data of the project during architectural consultancy. The advantage of the interior design plan during the consultancy phase is to avoid confusion of attempting to make an interior structure fit into already built up space.

As one of the most reputed Interior Design and architectural firms in Noida, New Arch Studio provides complete technical support by architectural experts. During the architectural consulting process, we always suggest you take the help of professionals that will also provide you with a turnkey project where you need not have to worry about anything. Such a decision prevents confusion and miscommunication between architects and engineers or site managers. When all professionals are from a single company, there is perfect coordination and understanding of a construction project. Communication too is precise and makes things faster.

This is how the architectural consultancy process takes place

Initial discussion

There will be a client-architect discussion to brief the client of the nature of the work, the budget, and the entire work process involved. The architect will analyze and get an understanding of the client taste. The client is then given a bigger picture of design and materials to be used.

  1. Project schedule:

    A complete work schedule of the entire project and its implementation will be drawn up and provided to the client for his perusal and permission.

  2. Planning and design:

    The planning stage where architectural experts, interior designers and the client will discuss and chalk out a scheduled organized project plan along with the design that has been agreed upon

  3. Landscaping design:

    Where large properties with estates and gardens or lawns are concerned, the designer or architects will design a 3D model of the front and back views of the location to be shown to the client for planning a good design.

  4. Interiors design:

    This is where the interior design experts involve in the architectural consultancy process to provide detailed project blueprints and drawings of designs for the interiors and exteriors, as well as materials keeping in mind budget

  5. Details of the budget:

    An important part of architectural consultancy is discussing a client’s budget to ensure the project includes the entire project with all transparency

  6. Implementation and execution schedule:

    The time schedule and deadline for completion will be intimated to the client.

When you hire professional interior design services then architectural consultancy services is one of the best advantages of such companies which can be availed off. The advantages off consulting architects are:

  • Professional supporting advice
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Time-saving
  • Hassle free without problems
  • No risk of mishaps and accidents
  • Interiors are designed before the construction instead of after

New Arch Studio makes it a point during the architectural consultancy process to provide a detailed analysis of the project complete with drawings and designs with the budget before final word on implementation and initiation.

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