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It doesn’t matter if you are constructing a large building, a facility, a residential home or an interior renovation, an interior construction project should be safe and dependable. While the aspects of the interior construction process can be quite challenging, a company like New Arch Studio has got it down to an art with perfect project management capabilities to deliver interior construction services on schedule.

Consistency and efficiency of interior construction services

As a reputed interior design company providing several services including architectural consultancy and interior construction, we are always consistent in delivering any client requirement within a timeframe and budget. With a skilled interior design team at the helm of our affairs, we focus on understanding the unique needs of a project with constant communication with clients to produce a top-notch work completed within all levels of safety and workmanship.

It is our mission to provide clients with the highest level of interior construction through quality services that come at prices which are the most competitive in the industry. We ensure the highest level of client satisfaction in every aspect of the job through integrity, efficiency and professionalism. New Arch Studio can help you build new interiors or carry out renovation services of an existing structure. Our teams will either coordinate with your architect or in case you desire, we will also provide architectural services and consultation. In this way, you gain the opportunity to deal with a single window of coordination that takes out the problematic issues of a project making it a hassle-free one.

Our services

New Arch Studio interior construction services are backed by years of experience in handling both large and small projects in the residential and commercial sectors. We provide interior construction services that include:

  • Demolition and construction
  • Interior renovation
  • Drywall demolition, repair and construction
  • Electrical and plumbing
  • Wall Covering & Paint
  • Acoustic wall and ceiling
  • Cabinet construction
  • Flooring or raised flooring
  • Fire protection
  • Project management
  • Architectural services
  • Construction management
  • Site maintenance

While the above is an example of the variety of interior design services we provide, we always adopt a practical and solid approach to interior construction that will never have you worrying about anything. From concept and planning till finish, we accept the entire responsibility of the project making sure there are several cost advantages that will benefit you. Through our Interior design and architectural software technology and visualization. This helps us create a faster lead time, faster installation and efficient project management and completion.

Perfect interior construction with added site maintenance

The elements of good interior construction include not just the project but every aspect of the job even down to site management. We maintain clean work sites and installations so that the ongoing project is least disrupted by the presence of debris and an untidy worksite. We ensure timely removal and cleaning of dust, debris, clutter and waste materials to ensure faster completion of the project well within the time frame allotted. We manage all phases of interior construction being initial construction, site maintenance, reconfiguration, installations and finishing.

Improved interior design solutions for construction and renovation

We improve on our solutions to build or renovate your structure to your exact requirements. For installation and fittings, we arrange everything to be of top-notch quality and the perfect size cut and completed to perfection in our own facilities. Our accuracy of work related to interior construction gives no room for error and no modifications or alterations are done to any fitting on site.

With New Arch Studio, you can be guaranteed of acquiring the best interior construction services that will give you higher quality work, more functional space and cost-effective prices. Where our commercial interior constriction services are concerned, we make sure the downtime is reduced so that you can start using your space faster and generating revenue sooner. Thus there is none who understands interior construction projects better than we do.

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