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In this modern world where aesthetics and technicalities can cleverly blend to produce creativity, interior designing can also transcend beyond conventional style. At New Arch Studio, we have developed a flair for interior design that blends together comfort, style and beauty. The forte of our interior design services lies in the ability to understand our clients perfectly so that the end design matches a customer’s persona perfectly.

We combine flexibility and style to produce a reflection of your own persona

We don’t just design apartments by the book; we adopt a flexible approach to ensure that every space exudes a comely and pleasant atmosphere. Our designs flourish with traditional and modern creativity depending on a client’s wishes. True elements of interior design need to be adept at every aspect and integrate details such as the civil, structure, artefacts, artworks, furniture, collectables, and side pieces that a client may possess. These too need to be integrated into the overall interior design plan so as not to seem out of place. A home interior design or office interior design should be created around such personal aspects to define a client’s perspective of his own personality and space.

When it concerns the interior design of a house, it should be a reflection of its owner. Elements of shades, colors, and lighting should all be analyzed carefully. The design and aesthetics should narrate a story of the owner, and the creator, it should reflect the virtue of love because residential design has to have the right mix of luxury and homely comfort.

We create identities for your home

Interior designing always has to bear in mind that every space should have an identity of its own reflecting what it is meant to be. Thus a living room design should have a comfortable and homely atmosphere, a playroom should have an element if fun incorporated into the design, a bedroom should reflect an oasis of tranquillity and peace with soothing and relaxing colors, a dining room should be the reflection of a homely meeting. At New Arch Studio, we make sure any structure oozes style, your personal taste and functionality.

In order to meet the demands of aesthetic interior decoration, we use all materials that best suit the style and function of a space. Expensive and premium materials while maintaining a standard needn’t necessarily need to be the constant solution for a home. Flexibility is the core of our abilities and we use materials to address the quality and timelessness of a home be it vintage or contemporary furniture and fittings, Italian marble or a rustic finish.

Interior design structure and services

  • Residential and commercial interior design
  • Living rooms, dining rooms, Bedrooms
  • Modular kitchen, patio and porches
  • Study and children’s rooms design
  • 3D artist’s impression of design in planning stage
  • Supervision of turnkey projects with reputed vendors
  • Planning, concept and design and renovation
  • Wallpapering 
  • Plumbing, ducting and air conditioning
  • Carpentry, furnishing, electrical fittings
  • Different types of flooring
  • Bathroom décor
  • Indoor and outdoor painting
  • Lighting indoor and outdoors
  • Gardenscaping
  • Planning design, renovation

Evoke your brand image through commercial interior design and decoration

New Arch studio doesn’t just excel in residential interior decoration. We have produced several exuberant and elaborate commercial designs and implemented them in structures throughout the city that reflects our artistic style. Irrespective of you wanting to shape a startup or an established commercial structure, we provide you with the prefect ambience in line with your business and brand persona. While we love to experiment with striking color and design elements, we also keep in mind the work culture and personal decorum of the establishment.

Aesthetic lighting to accentuate a home

Lighting is a major aspect of the interior decoration process because, without proper and aesthetic lighting, your home will not exude the quality and radiance of its materials. The right type of lighting can make spaces smaller or larger as per a requirement. Our expensive experience in lighting will transform any living space into a beautiful blend of both style, homeliness and function.

Lighting can be of several types, it can reflect a downward glow to accentuate flooring, it can showcase a ceiling or it can spread comely warmth across a room. We use attractive lighting systems that do not appear obtrusive, large or bulky keeping in tune with the dimensions of the interiors. Moreover, in this age of energy saving, lighting should also be energy efficient and eco-friendly so as to reduce energy bills and your carbon footprint.

We create dream projects through skill, creativity and efficiency

As a company with distinction, we have worked with several big names in the corporate world as well as made several house owners happy with beautiful homes. What really makes us stand out is our ability to achieve top-notch interior design solutions by employing trained and skilled professionals, such as engineers project managers, architects and supervisors working together to create a dream home for you.

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