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Highly efficient project management teams that find fast and affordable solutions in all aspects of interior design for individuals and industry.

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Project management services are part of the design process that seeks to provide a variety of services that manage efficiently the renovation, refurbishment or construction, of a home or commercial building. Good interior project management will make sure the entire process is a fun and hassle-free experience.

New Arch Studio has a team of designers and project managers who are passionate about the architectural and design work of any property. We work with our clients to give them that peace of mind to know that their project is in safe and secure hands and that they can expect a beautiful and finished property.

Skill, creativity and organization are the requirements of efficient project management

When it comes to project management of an ongoing project, we possess the skill, creativity, manpower and infrastructure to effortlessly handle any renovation requirement fulfilled to exact specifications of a client keeping in mind every attention to detail. We are a team of specialists well equipped to take on the project management of interior designing of residential and commercial properties, luxurious interior design and decoration, architectural services and we are all the specialists you need.

New Arch Studio project management services

New Arch Studio will always provide you skilled and efficient project managers who are dedicated personnel that will always assist you keeping in mind your own benefits and interests at heart. We will procure all materials for the job, source manpower, hire vendors and subcontractors and appoint specialist consultants on your behalf. We will ensure that your project is completed and delivered as per your desire, within the stipulated timeframe and well within your budget.

Complete project management or third-party project management

Concerning our project management services, we include managing complete interior design, third-party design project management and consultancy in areas of architecture, and interior design. We have helped several clients in matters of design, refurbishment and entire interior renovation. Our project management procedure consists of the very first phase of concept and planning till site work, demolition, and reconstruction or renovation. When you hire us we aim to be responsible for your home or office and will make sure that the entire project goes smoothly without glitches or faults and delays.

There are several parts of project management when it concerns interior design, renovation or construction. This could involve

  • Files and documentation
  • Design and planning
  • Architectural consultancy
  • Interior design consultancy
  • Budget and estimate
  • Interior design construction progress
  • Site management
  • Oversee contractors and subcontractors
  • Dealing with vendors
  • Materials procurement
  • Hiring of specialists or architects
  • Communication between contractors and specialists
  • Organization and timely schedule
  • Manpower
  • Certifications and permissions
  • Updates to various teams for changes
  • Management and coordination

New Arch Studio provides you with complete project management services that include both interiors and architecture under a single roof. We optimize the entire process including the technical expertise to provide a client with complete assistance in all matters of a job.

We act on your behalf to ensure smooth coordination of services

Even if you already have your design in hand form a third party, we can help you manage your project and get it implemented. We will act as your representative to manage all third parties effectively establishing a single window line of communication to make sure the entire project is well organized and run smoothly for meeting the timeline for delivery.

We take complete responsibility for your project

At New Arch Studio, we prefer being a complete part of the project management procedure from start to finish. From hiring structural engineers to architects, we also help you with initial concept, design, planning and approvals from authorities. For commercial ventures, we will also initiate competitive tenders on your behalf and oversee hired contractors and surveyors for the process. We make sure we are always intimately involved with every phase and aspect of the project management so that it becomes our responsibility to deliver you a beautiful and finished product of your dreams.

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